We Fight Child Hunger And Provide Resources To Children In New York City and BEYOND!

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A 501(C)(3) Non-Profit Organization Dedicated To Providing Hunger and Resource Relief to NYC Children and Families and Families Outside the United States!

Hunger Relief

It is our mission to provide food to children in need.  Our approach is to first serve the low-income children and families nearest to us in New York City and then working to help the world.  Hunger is something that is so preventable but it is ending the lives of millions of children daily! We want to be a part of the reason why children that are in need live to see another day, which is why we donate meals in different ways through funding and canned food donations- so that children no longer have to be a victim to hunger!

Clothing & Toy Provision

We also hold clothing and toy drives for children in the New York area.  These resources keep children warm during the winter season, provide those that lack clothing with clothes, and provide happiness for children by allowing them to open a toy for Christmas!

Resource Relief

We want to provide for the needs that children have .   It is the lack of easy to give resources that unfortunately either put children in such tough times or even ends their lives. Providing resources to them can and will change their lives for the better!

Fundraising Community

Help us build an Operation CR fundraising community all over the world. As a community, you can either participate in our rescue events, donate, or both in order to provide for the children that need help.


Toys Given


Canned/Boxed Food Donated


Jackets/Clothes Given


Meals Given

We Work Together To Carry Out Our Mission To Serve Children & Families!

“There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.” - John Holmes

Without the help of others our mission would only be a dream and not a reality!

We are always looking for volunteers to make a greater impact on low-income children in New York City. Whether you donate, host a fundraising event for us, or are another organization that partners alongside with us, you will be a part of something greater: saving the lives of children each and everyday!

Martial Arts for Operation CR

Operation CR Inc. also works with martial art schools and their students to help families in need. Martial art schools can host break-a-thons or other fundraising events with Operation CR to donate funds to help change the world. To this date martial arts schools with Operation Child Rescue have donated more than 100,000 meals to families currently in New York City

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